Debbie Isitt

ConfettiDebbie Isitt
If youíre thinking about picking up Confetti on DVD, itís probably because of one of two reasons: youíre either in the market for a British film with at least three weddings but donít want any funerals in it (sorry, Richard Curtis) or youíre a fan of contemporary British television comedy and you want to see some of its stars on "the big screen.Ē (But considering youíll most likely be watching it on a TV anyway, thatís an odd bit of logic.) Starring a cast admittedly varied in talent, from hateful, moon-faced television presenter Jimmy Carr to The Officeís Martin Freeman, Confetti is an entirely improvised "mockumentaryĒ in the style of Christopher Guest, observing the clashing egos and absurd situations that result when a wedding magazine runs a competition to find Britainís most original marriage. The three finalist couples compete utilising a tennis wedding, a musical wedding and a naturist wedding. For viewers most au fait with recent British comedy itís the naturist couple who will be the most remarkable, with Peep Showís Robert Webb and Olivia Colman, true to their roles, completely nude throughout most of the film, leaving little to the imagination. On DVD, Confetti is better than its mixed reception at the box office would suggest; while itís light enough on laughs to almost be considered a fake documentary rather than a "mockumentary,Ē each of the characters is played with a surprising depth for something completely improvised, even if the plot occasionally sags. The DVD has a welcome feature, in that you can see the three alternate endings and even splice them into the film, choosing your own winner. Thereís not much else on the disc (trailers do not count as special features, Fox!) but for the few fans of the film, thatís more than enough. (Fox)
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