Chicken Little Mark Dindal

Disney once again takes a familiar fable and adds its signature splash to it, however, unlike many of the animated films the conglomerate has produced in the last decade or so (barring the Pixar films, of course), Chicken Little leaves you wanting more. The "sky is falling” tale is nicely updated for the 21st century, cashing in on the "alien invasion” trend with a film that comes off more like War of the Worlds, Disney style. When Chicken Little (voiced by the affable Zach Braff) spots a piece of blue sky falling, he warns his town, who take him seriously until he cannot provide evidence. Soon, he becomes the laughing stock in a "cry wolf” scenario and struggles to fit in. When he luckily becomes the town’s sports hero, again he witnesses the sky fall, which escalates into a full attack on Earth by frantic aliens that only he and his friends are willing to stop. With a colourful cast of zany characters, a plot that, while not quite as intelligent as a Pixar work, will appeal to both children and adults, and a stylish, enjoyable approach to an alien invasion that isn’t all typical Disney (well, at first), Chicken Little is a great, imaginative film that benefits from its status as underdog in the animated film world. The extras are packed with deleted scenes, including a pleasant little storyboard telling by the recently deceased and beloved Don Knotts, as well as some alternate openings that aren’t essential, but aren’t unessential if you have the time. "Hatching Chicken Little” is more of the same "behind the scenes” stuff that finds its way onto animated DVDs, but if you favour the film you’ll find it an interesting watch. Plus: games, music. (Walt Disney)