Central Intelligence Trailer

Central Intelligence Trailer
It's hard to explain Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson's strangely unstoppable appeal. Despite starring in a ceaseless onslaught of cinematic turds, he's just so damn charismatic. And have you seen his Instagram? It's because of this weird obsession that we feel compelled to bring you the trailer for his latest stinker of a movie.

The flick is called Central Intelligence, and it's yet another action-comedy with an unlikely partnership. This time,  Johnson appears alongside Kevin Hart. Hart is much tinier than the Rock, and the trailer suggests that that's basically what this movie is all about, with approximately 100 references to their differences in size.

Best of all, the trailer includes a profoundly bad tag line: "Saving the world takes a little Hart and a big Johnson."

Further, despite squeaking and shrieking his way through the trailer, Kevin Hart suggested that he was using restraint in this movie to further his acting repertoire. He also said he's not funny on purpose. "There were moments I had to pull back when I wanted to be funny. But it wasn't my role in this film. That was his role," Hart said in an interview with USA Today. "It's expanding the acting portfolio I am trying to build."

Watch the terrible trailer for Central Intelligence below, and make sure you stick around until the end for an obese Dwayne Johnson.