Calgary Couple Claims 'Fargo' Crew Won't Pay for Repairs After Damaging Their Wheelchair Accessible Van

Calgary Couple Claims 'Fargo' Crew Won't Pay for Repairs After Damaging Their Wheelchair Accessible Van
FX's hit show Fargo recently aired its third season, which was once again shot in Calgary. While the show's production team managed to pull together another acclaimed batch of episodes, however, they apparently damaged a wheelchair accessible van in the process.

Erik and Bonnie Freiburger are a Calgary couple who are both in wheelchairs. According to CTV, they lent their accessible Ford Econoline van to the production team for a scene that was shot in late February. When their van was returned in March, they noticed that it had been damaged.

Erik claims that the van's rear window had been damaged but replaced. Further, at the time it was returned Erik noticed that the lift and its arms were malfunctioning. A coordinator from Fargo apparently promised to pay for repairs on the spot. 

"It's got a serious slant, the switch wasn't working and when it folded up, cause the way our lift works, it was not folding properly," Erik recalled.

He took the van to a repair shop in town, where it was temporarily fixed. There are new parts on their way to permanently fix the item. According to Erik, Fargo has yet to pay the $800 temporary repair bill or the $1200 needed to fully fix the vehicle.

Erik added that the production team has completely ignored his requests for repairs. "I am a little surprised that we're being treated this way, particularly with the vulnerability of us being in wheelchairs and our dependence on our vehicle for transportation," he said. "I didn't think it'd be this difficult to just fix our van."

Speaking with CTV, Fargo representative Ralph McCoy said, "I am investigating the damages for his lift. I did have another accessible wheelchair company look at the lift before returning it, I was advised there were no broken parts…Fargo has and always will pay their outstanding bills. There is more to this, it is not all that simple when some try to take advantage of film."

McCoy added that the van had been "acting up" during filming, adding that he plans to settle this dispute with Erik next week.