Bryan Cranston Is Open to a 'Malcolm in the Middle' Movie

Bryan Cranston Is Open to a 'Malcolm in the Middle' Movie
Beloved actor and possible future Canadian Bryan Cranston is keeping plenty busy with his various roles, but there's a chance he may revisit the past once again. After stepping out as Heisenberg on SNL earlier this month, the actor says he's willing to revisit Malcolm in the Middle.

In a Reddit AMA to promote his James Franco comedy Why Him?, Cranston was asked about the possibility of resurrecting his beloved sitcom in one way or another.

"There has been some conversation about that," Cranston said. "I don't know if or when that could happen, I guess we have to gauge the temperament of the fans to see if its something they want. But maybe. It would be fun to play with all those people again."

That's not the first time Cranston has suggested more Malcolm. Speaking with E! News earlier this year, he said, "There's a possibility we want to start talking about the possibility of putting together a story that makes sense about that family 10 years or 12 years later."

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