Broken Saints

The genre-busting Broken Saints webisodes spanned 24 chapters over three years, scooping up thousands of rabid fans and millions of viewers. Broken Saints' motion-graphic story spins gritty contemporary fantasy liberally injected with scenes of grim horror and intertwines the lives of four main characters: Raimi, a disenfranchised tech wizard and hacker; Oran, an Iraqi mercenary abused by military scientists; Kamimura, a Japanese priest plagued by a tragic past; and Shandala, a mysterious orphan who begins to experience ominous visions. Each character's rocky journey plays out individually until their paths cross, resulting in harmony, discord and irrevocable bonds. Fate demands their presence in a small Californian city, home not only to the BIOCOM corporation (a biotech/telco firm), but VALHALLA (a top-secret military installation). Walking around and within these oppressive shadows, the Broken Saints suffer and toil in an attempt to bring about the salvation of humanity. Created by a four-man Canadian team, Broken Saints has outgrown its internet-exclusive appeal and is finally available as a four-DVD set containing 700 minutes of footage. The atmospheric series was practically rebuilt from scratch, with upgraded artwork, a retooled soundtrack and voice-acting, a first for Broken Saints. William B. Davis of X-Files infamy joins other known actors lending their talent to the captivating Dolby 5.1 Digital soundtrack. The addition of top-notch narration and dramatic characterisations takes the Broken Saints epic from flitting between motion-graphics and comic books to flirting with Hollywood stardom. (Budget Monks,