The Bounty Hunter Andy Tennant

The Bounty Hunter Andy Tennant
Jennifer Aniston is looking a little tired these days. Fortunately for her though, the attempted humour in her latest starring vehicle, The Bounty Hunter, is infinitely more fatigued than she is, so you don't necessarily notice her worry lines so much.

I don't blame her for being concerned though. There is no way she could have been making this movie and thinking it was actually going to turn out well. I'm sure it sounded great when somebody pitched it to her; it's Aniston and romantic comedy hunk Gerard Butler playing exes on the run. He, being the aforementioned bounty hunter, is giddily tracking down his ex because she skipped her court appearance for a traffic accident involving a police officer.

Before they know it, they're mixed up in a major undercover police operation that could get them killed. And, now this is the clincher, while they're stuck together in this crazy, impossible scenario this old flame of theirs has the chance to be rekindled. Clearly, with all this deliberate and obvious set up, hijinxs should ensue. Instead, scene after repetitive scene follows, with not a trace of laughter to be had.

In order to catch a criminal, an effort must be made. In order to entertain people at a movie, an equal effort must be made. Between Butler barely trying to mask his accent and director Andy Tennant scarcely focusing on anything other than Aniston's back side, it is fair to say that the only real effort being made in this film is Aniston running around in ridiculously high heels all the time.

I'm sure if she was wearing more sensible footwear she would have ran right off the set. (Sony)