Blade: Trinity Extreme Version David S. Goyer

After scripting two better-than-expected releases under the Blade banner, David S. Goyer takes a seat in the director's chair and consequently chalks up a victory for those who believe writers should not direct their scripts. His story follows Blade (Wesley Snipes), the half-vampire/half-human stalker of all things Nosferatu, who has realised that in order to destroy every last bloodsucker, he will need some help. Enter Abigail Whistler (played by Jessica Biel) and Hannibal King (Ryan Reynolds) to assist the day-walker in his quest. Their first target: a gang of vamps (played by Parker Posey, Triple H and Callum Keith Rennie) led by Dracula. Well, at least the film doesn't take itself too seriously. Blade: Trinity possesses some great action and some even better one-liners, although the jokes are often misplaced and awkward, probably due to Goyer's inability to distinguish between footage that was fun to film and footage that is actually effective. Action and humour aside, this movie suffers greatly from a horrible plot, disjointed editing and very obvious CGI effects (though I believe poor CGI is a standard for the Blade series). For this "extreme" edition, the theatrical and the extended versions of the film are included, with the latter offering a little more action and an alternate, less effective ending. An exhaustingly thorough feature-length documentary is also offered, answering the many questions that wouldn't be necessary if the story was presented better. A ridiculous third ending and useless animation galleries are also featured, as well as Goyer interviewing himself as both writer and director, an amusing animated weapons gallery and around ten minutes of blooper footage. Given the variety of the extras, anyone actually wanting to own the film is best off grabbing this version over the regular release. Plus: online features, mini-comic book. (Alliance Atlantis)