Best of the Muppet Show: Volume 6

Until they finally decide to release this great show in proper seasonal instalments, we have to settle for these bare bone volumes that contain a mere three episodes and few extras. This sixth edition contains legends Bob Hope and George Burns, along with the forgettable Dom DeLuise who rounds out this triumvirate of stars that drop by the Muppet set for a combination of comedy and song. None of these shows are really "best of" material but they pack the punch of comedic kings, even though the best sketches on these selected shows are the oddball bits performed entirely with Muppets, such as a monster who decides to dine on a self-destructing computer. These teasers are enjoyable but seem like stall tactics to keep the public quiet until the release of a proper Muppet Show anthology. Each episode on this DVD contains a short introduction from Brian Henson that gives little insight and works as a promotional vehicle for the episode you're about to watch. Add a couple of quick and forgettable television spots, along with what seems to be a bonus sketch per episode and there's really not much to offer with this sixth volume of a show that desperately needs the royal treatment, rather than incomplete compilation offerings. (Columbia TriStar)