Archie Faces Off Against 'Sharknado' in New Comic

Archie Faces Off Against 'Sharknado' in New Comic
It's a day of weird cross-over news. Glam rockers Kiss have moved on from Riverdale to chill with Scooby and Shaggy, but the fictional comic-book town will soon face a famous B-movie creature instead. That's right: Archie and his friends are going to clash with the shark from Sharknado.

The strangely beloved Syfy series is currently prepping its second sequel, with Sharknado 3 set to arrive on July 22. In a savvy cross-promotional move, the same shark-filled tornado will land in Archie's fictional Riverdale that same day.

"The Sharknado franchise has soared in popularity due partly to the variety of great celebrities, who bravely encounter this unnatural menace," Syfy's Jeff Li said in a statement. "Sharknado survivors come in all forms. It's only natural that Archie and the gang will get a chance to save their town from flying sharks."

The cover for Archie vs. Sharknado is available above. Sharknado 3, meanwhile, stars Ian Ziering, Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, David Hasselhoff and Bo Derek.

Thanks to Deadline for the tip.