AMC Kiboshes Plan to Allow Texting at Movies

AMC Kiboshes Plan to Allow Texting at Movies
Well, that was fast. After AMC honcho Adam Aron suggested he was open to the idea of allowing texting in movie theatres earlier this week, the internet responded with outrage. Now, the company has released a statement saying they are no longer considering the option.

It all started with an interview Aron did with Variety where he said that asking a millennial to turn off their cellphone is akin to asking them to chop off their arm. He added that he was considering a plan to "take specific auditoriums and make them more texting friendly."

After all of the big babies on the internet threw a massive temper tantrum, AMC released a statement promising that they won't allow texting.

In a tweet captioned "NO TEXTING AT AMC," they desperately talked their way out of the whole situation, saying that they will not allow texting in "the foreseeable future."

So long as you're not sitting in a dark movie theatre, you can read their statement below.