Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London Kevin Allen

Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination LondonKevin Allen
As far as films for children go, one could do a lot worse than this sequel to the surprising 2003 hit Agent Cody Banks. The strength of the series again stems from the performance of endearing actor Frankie Muniz (from TV's Malcolm in the Middle), whose comic timing and sincerity in the title role lend the film tremendous credibility. This time around Banks must thwart the plans of a rogue C.I.A. agent (Keith Allen) and an evil British scientist (James Faulkner) that have developed a mind control device so they can take over the world. Pretty heady stuff for kids perhaps but thanks to a barrage of silly gadgets, cool special effects and action-packed chase scenes the film makes for some light and lively fare. Add a supporting cast consisting of comedic actor Anthony Anderson (Barbershop) and Hannah Spearitt (S Club 7) as Banks's partners and the film gets that much more interesting for young and older audiences alike. Besides the usual DVD extras, Cody Banks 2 features a kid-friendly interactive quiz for viewers who choose to watch the film in "Agent Mode." Watching the film with this option means that Muniz, Anderson and Spearitt sporadically pop-up to ask multiple choice questions regarding details of the story to measure how attentive their audience of aspiring agents have been. It's a unique and fun quiz for kids to participate in and one that furthers the notion that Agent Cody Banks 2 is a great vehicle for children and parents who really want to keep their children busy/entertained. Plus: "Spy on the Set" visual cast commentary, "Back in Action" featurette, deleted scenes, photo gallery, trailer. (MGM)