The Addams Family Volume Two

While still entertaining, oddball and more interesting than what was presumably on air at the time of The Addams Family’s second season (or today for that matter), it quickly becomes clear that some of the sheen of this original series had worn off by round two. Running gags about carnivorous plants and people shocked by the family mansion’s interior were featured in virtually every episode of the first season, so they can only be stretched so far in the second. Similarly, the basic premise of incredibly intelligent, pithy people getting caught up in misunderstandings for general shenanigans is more than predictable. Still, despite the character limitations that were painfully obvious on these 21 episodes, the writing is still above par — wackiness, goofiness and general mayhem for the "abnormally normal” family abound. Witness episodes that find butler Lurch become a singing sensation, Gomez running for mayor or the Addams Family mansion being almost demolished to make space for a highway. Still, Volume Two is amusing but thin. Even the minimal extras, which explore the cultural impact of the show, and a featurette of guest star clips prove why this show had to burn out, not fade away. (Delmark)