​A Fan Tried to Take a Video with Rami Malek and It Got So Awkward

The painful clip has since launched countless memes
​A Fan Tried to Take a Video with Rami Malek and It Got So Awkward
Rami Malek is currently trying to win over Queen fans as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, but that doesn't mean he wants to give your friends video shout-outs when you bump into him on the street.
Twitter user @enemyfilm attempted to do exactly that — and the result was extremely uncomfortable for everyone involved.
They posted a clip of the awkward encounter, which sees Malek posing for a selfie before realizing a video is being taken.
When @enemyfilm requests that Malek say hi to their friends, Malek deadpans, "No, but we can take a picture."
The fan then posted the excruciatingly awkward video clip on Twitter with the caption "THIS IS PROBABLY THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING TO EVER HAPPEN TO ME," and it has since gone viral.
They seem to be taking the attention in stride, changing their Twitter bio to:
"no but we can take a picture (2018)."
The viral moment has actually started a legitimate debate about boundaries between fans and celebrities and what is or isn't fair to expect of famous people, but it's also made for plenty of hilarious memes.

See the original video and some of the hilarious responses below.