Watch Drake Make Comedy Magic on the ESPYs

Watch Drake Make Comedy Magic on the ESPYs
For a dude who's not particularly promoting anything, Drake sure seems to be commanding a lot of attention lately. Not only is his SoundCloud hit "0 to 100" one of the most remixed of the summer, he's popped up in our feeds as of late regarding album titles, lawsuits, guest spots and, er, miscellaneous. The Toronto rapper's big week continued Wednesday night (July 26) when he hosted ESPN's ESPY Awards.

Drake's had no shortage of palling around with professional athletes, so he made for a natural fit on the show. Making matters better, he also resurrected some of the comedic chops he displayed on Saturday Night Live.

The rapper killed it with an 11-minute opening monologue, where he tore half the crowd a new one. There were also plenty of memorable sketches, including the Lance Cam (wherein he blew in the ear of a stoic Lance Stephenson) and a long, funny battle between Drake and Blake Griffin (and also featuring Chris Brown).

Then there were the songs. "Honorable Mentions" is a new ballad about the runners-ups, including a direct shot at Macklemore, while "Side Pieces" sees Drake teaming up with Brian McKnight and celebrating extra-relational affairs. Then there was a Donald Sterling-themed take on "Worst Behaviour."

Still need more of Drake hamming it up? He also performed Frozen's "Let It Go" under the guise of "Manny Pacquiao."

Watch all of Drake's ESPYs hijinks below.