The Sklar Brothers What Are We Talking About?

The Sklar Brothers What Are We Talking About?
Randy and Jason Sklar have managed to occupy a unique space in the comedy landscape. Aside from the fact that they perform as a twin brother team, the St. Louis-raised duo have incorporated their love and knowledge of sports into their act.
Following their mid-2000s ESPN program, Cheap Seats, the Sklar Brothers have created a sizable following thanks to their fill-in hosting spots on Jim Rome's syndicated radio show, along with their popular Earwolf podcast Sklarbro Country.
Over the last dozen years, Randy and Jason have also managed to release four standup specials; their latest is 2014's Netflix exclusive, What Are We Talking About? Recorded at the  snug 600-seat Majestic Theatre in Madison, Wisconsin, the Sklars deliver 50 minutes of standup (including clever, if not overly funny, pre- and post-game shows) that finds the brothers wholesomely and cheerfully covering sports jokes, sports metaphors and spots stories... and a bunch of other things not necessarily sports related.
If you're a fan of these topics, the Sklar Brothers' humour comes off laser sharp and focused, as they point out ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith's breathless arguing style and "the ball" that Lance Armstrong must have for acting so smug after being stripped of his records.
The brothers' dual delivery style remains captivating and original, as Randy and Jason play off each other magnificently, finishing one another's jokes and adding to the other's punch lines, creating a situation akin to listening in to the world's most agreeable, synced-in sports radio show.
But when the Sklars aren't making jokes about Allen Iverson and Richard Simmons, they come off painfully middle-of-the-road, flopping on anecdotes about how the pure existence of an Old Navy outlet store is redundant or who should be in the "Mullet Hall of Fame." What Are We Talking About? manages to demonstrate a simple truth about the Sklar Brothers; they're funny sports fans more than they are sporty funnymen.
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