Sarah Tiana Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, September 28

Sarah Tiana Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, September 28
Primarily known for getting second place on Jeff Ross's Roast Battle and writing for the annual Comedy Central roasts, Sarah Tiana is a tough, independent woman. She loves sports and has no time for small talk. She frequently performs for the military in places like Afghanistan and Singapore. She somehow looks back with amusement to the time that a marine told her, "Do you know how I know I'm gonna fuck you by the end of the night? Because I'm stronger." Nonetheless, she's not entirely bulletproof.
"They always ask me 'Why haven't you gotten married?' It's not like I'm turning people down." The Southern belle softened, then hardened again. "I feel like marriage is a pyramid scheme." The crowd laughed as she described the chain reaction of married women pressuring their friends to settle down, and her forced awkward smile became a real one.
Tiana's contagious joy was a lovely flip side to her tough cookie character. Her narrative about opening for Aretha Franklin and learning about her prima donna behaviour ended with Tiana gleefully pointing out the irony of singing "Ain't No Mountain High Enough," considering that Franklin literally refused to drive on mountains. Similarly, she giggled adorably when she joked about the country Djibouti and pointed out the audience's immaturity for chuckling about its name.
Emma Willmann opened Tiana's show with her remarks on her attraction to femininity regardless of sex, and growing up chubby. Her bit about how she was treated differently from her better-looking sister was memorable, but otherwise she was average and outshone by Tiana.