Metallica's James Hetfield and Garfield Become One in 'Hetfield' Comic Strip

Metallica's James Hetfield and Garfield Become One in 'Hetfield' Comic Strip
On the off-chance you're the kind of person that hates Mondays but loves Metallica, have we got a comic for you. An online strip titled Hetfield has transmogrified the Bay Area thrashers' famously goateed guitarist/vocalist James Hetfield into a lasagna-scarfing Garfield analogue.

Creator Jimmy Two Hands is the veritable harvester of hilarity, having crudely recreated the feel of Garfield creator Jim Davis' pastel backdrops and dry humour while updating the look of the characters. As you'll note up above, Hetfield sports a blonde goatee, while the strip also recasts Jon Arbuckle as balding Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, and replaces Odie with a mustachioed pooch version of guitarist Kirk Hammett.

The strips tap into Garfield's love of lasagna and sleep, but has Hetfield delivering his inner monologue-styled punchlines with references to the Metallica back catalogue. Hetfield, for instance, uses lyrics to "Enter Sandman" to illustrate his need for some shuteye, references "Seek and Destroy" while smashing a spider, and dubs his owner "Unforgiven" in an argument. There are also jabs at the band's battle with Napster, and the famously crummy snare drum sound on 2003's St. Anger.

You'll find a couple of choice Hetfield strips down below, while you can, ahem, Read Em All over here.

This is not the first mash-up from creator Johnny Two Hands. Previously, he mixed metal icon Danzig and Ziggy in a strip called, obviously, Danziggy.