Comedian Jim Breuer Signs to Metal Blade for "Respectable" Metal Album

Comedian Jim Breuer Signs to Metal Blade for 'Respectable' Metal Album
Get ready to raise your horns for Goatboy, as comedian Jim Breuer has signed to Metal Blade to release an album. This won't be a stand-up record, though. The SNL alum is slated to drop new music with his backup band, the Regulators.

A press release confirms that self-confessed '80s metal lover Breuer has inked up with the imprint to deliver an album of "hard rock and metal for my generation." A timeline has yet to be established as to when fans can expect the album to arrive, though it's reportedly going to be a solid salute to his favourite genre. Also, it's not going to be "funny."

"I think the music is going to be very respectable," Breuer said in a statement. "I think it's going to surprise most people. I think the hard rock, metal world will embrace [it], where many other people who thought it was going to be really funny will think, 'Oh, he really wasn't that funny in it. He wrote some real songs.' So, I don't know what to expect from it, but it's definitely hard rock and metal for my generation."

This may mean that he won't be delivering any goofy, "yeah"-heavy James Hetfield impersonations. Considering AC/DC singer Brian Johnson is expected to make an appearance, it's possible he and Breuer could have a screech-off. Former Anthrax guitarist Rob Caggiano will reportedly produce the LP.

Breuer has long incorporated hard rock into his stand up act, and has played to crowds at metal fests including Wacken Open Air, Rock on the Range, and Metallica's Orion Music.

Down below, you'll find an old clip of the comedian envisioning Metallica playing children's song "Bingo." No word yet on whether or not Breuer will also play air guitar on the album.

Breuer also recently started up a podcast titled The Metal in Me, which can be found here.