Canada's Finest Feat. Laurie Elliott, Nile Seguin and Mark Little Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, November 5

Canada's Finest Feat. Laurie Elliott, Nile Seguin and Mark Little Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, November 5
Laurie Elliott, Nile Seguin, and Mark Little definitely made their audience proud to be Canadian. Hailing from Montreal, Ottawa, and New Westminster B.C. respectively, all three of the comedians were energetic, spontaneous and funny on a world-class level.
Elliott opened the show with her story about getting a bag of dog poop flung at her face that left quite the impression, recounted how her father once stopped watering his lawn to "teach it a lesson" and shared some of the things she's said to her husband during intimate moments that immediately killed the mood. Her self-assured yet excited delivery made her great material even better, while the moments where she admitted to the audience that she was really enjoying herself were endearing.
Nile Seguin was wonderfully off-the-cuff as he threw in new material between tried-and-true jokes. His fresh bit about existential fear becoming his new alarm clock was delightfully clever even though it didn't land with the impact that he had hoped, and his riffs about a man who cracked his knuckles in the audience and the TTC shutting down that night were hilarious. Additionally, his older material about stalking his ex was relatable, and his bit about being heckled in the UK was absurdly captivating.
Mark Little started his set with a song in which he slowly realized the girl he was seeing was actually a motorbike. It didn't hit as hard as his other bits because the accompanying track was painfully loud and it was a little too clear that the girl was a motorbike from the beginning, but it was still an enjoyable new bit because the story of how he met her at a bar was unexpected.
After the song, Little switched out of his rock star costume into his normal sweater and killed by comedically ranting about the woman who audibly said she didn't like the song, then refused to own up to her comment when she was called out. His slight stumbling at the beginning didn't hold him back in the slightest as he got huge laughs with his jokes based on the rhyme "beer before liquor, never sicker," his likening of raccoons to "garbage bears" and his new material on how benign Canadian rap is in comparison to American rap.