British Comedian Ian Cognito Dies Onstage

British Comedian Ian Cognito Dies Onstage
U.K. comedian Ian Cognito died onstage during a set in Bichester last night (April 11). He was 60.
He was performing to a crowd while sitting on a stool and suddenly fell silent for a few minutes. As the BBC reports, people in the crowd continued to laugh, thinking it was part of the comedy routine.
Paramedics later arrived and pronounced him dead on the scene.
The show organizer, Andrew Bird, said Cognito had not been feeling well prior to his set but insisted on performing.
"He was like his old self, his voice was loud. I was thinking 'he's having such a good gig,'" Bird told the BBC.

He also noted that Cognito had joked about his own health at the start of the set, quipping, "Imagine if I died in front of you lot here."
Cognito (born Paul Barbieri) was born in London in 1958 and had been performing comedy since the mid-'80s.
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