Brent Gill Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, May 13

Brent Gill Comedy Bar, Toronto ON, May 13
From the time he accidentally slapped himself in the balls during sex, to the time when Rogaine gave him a mullet without a front, Brent Gill shared a lot of cringe-worthy life experiences. With his stoner-like happy-go-luckiness and a heavy dose of self-deprecation, the Coloradan comic turned his trials into funny incidents with ease to keep the Torontonian crowd of mostly new fans laughing.
Host Thomas Calnan had some good writing skills, but his delivery was so average that it undersold his comedy. His bit about sounding like Wallace Shawn (the guy who says "Inconceivable!" in The Princess Bride) was amusing, as was his joke about how tree farming doesn't sound real to him. However, he was outshone by Kerby Darius. If Darius can be as funny for an hour as he was in this opening set, he is headliner-worthy. His ability to walk the line between funniness and pain was excellent, especially in his observations about inaccessible American healthcare and his predominantly black high school literally being called "Plantation High School."
Like Darius, Brent Gill enjoyed testing the audience's tolerance for gritty comedy. He went into rather blue territory with his boldly comical bit about a man who stuffed 7.2 grams of cocaine under his foreskin, then got even more visceral with his closer about getting his own semen in his eye. Likewise, he drew some decent dirty humour out of Pornhub's campaign to plant trees based on video views, but it mostly consisted of Gill just repeating facts from the campaign, not new observations of his own.
On the other hand, Gill also had some great cleaner material. His jokes about living in a gay neighbourhood were enjoyably upbeat, plus his frustrated rant about his asymmetrical balding was unique, intense and very funny. Overall, Brent Gill's show was a solidly fun time, and he deserves to be better-known.