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Kaleidoscope Dream

> > Nov 27 2012

Miguel - Kaleidoscope Dream
By Ryan B. PatrickFor singer-songwriter Miguel to create a straight-up R&B album (in today's musical climate, no less), putting forth a specific creative vision that manages to transcend the hip-hop pop swill presently produced by his so-called R&B brethren, yet avoiding coming off as pretentious is a crowning achievement in and of itself. The fact that the 11-track project actually warrants Best of Year discussion is nearly a moot point. After operating on the underground R&B fringes with the poorly marketed and criminally overlooked Sure Thing in 2010, Kaleidoscope Dream goes for broke. The best track, hands down, is "Adorn," a Marvin Gaye-esque, '80s electro soul throwback and instant new Quiet Storm staple. What impresses is his ability to meld various influences — Euro-soul, psychedelic, Prince-inspired pop — into a wholly authentic and personal project. "Don't Look Back" interpolates elements of Zombies classic "Time of the Season" and the title track recalls a lost Brothers Johnson track, while "Use Me" is sexual electricity personified. While there are a couple of overly indulgent outings ("How Many Drinks," "Pussy is Mine"), Kaleidoscope Dream is a statement that Miguel has arrived.

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