Boban I Marko Marcovic Orkestar

Golden Horns: The Best of

> > Jun 13 2012

Boban I Marko Marcovic Orkestar - Golden Horns: The Best of
By Daniel SylvesterBalkan music has a deeply rooted tradition that, in North America, mostly begins and ends with Gogol Bordello. But anyone who digs deeper into the music of the Roma people of Eastern Europe will no doubt come across the name Boban Marković. Considered one of greatest Balkan bandleaders of all time, his legendary brass ensembles have revitalized the region's storied scene. Complied by Germany's Piranha Music, Golden Horns focuses on the Serbian's work with his son, Marko, who helped bring a youthful, dance floor vibe to Boban's already rich repertoire. Combining Latin rhythms, call-and-response vocals and funk stings, the brass'n'bass music of the Marković Orkestar relies on pure fury and sexuality in a genre built upon romantic passion and tradition. Closing out with a pair of remixes by Austrian electronic producer Dunklebunt and Balkan Beats compiler Robert Soko, Golden Horns paints a picture of youth and tradition working in harmony, and in direct opposition to the North American slash-and-burn model.
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