Night Birds

The Other Side of Darkness

> > Sep 13 2011

Night Birds - The Other Side of Darkness
By Tyler MunroWhile The Other Side of Darkness is technically the first full-length from Night Birds, it's far from their debut. With a couple of seven-inches under their belts, Night Birds come into their first LP with a reined in focus and sound, just don't let that fool you into thinking that this is an album that takes itself too seriously. It is, after all, one of the seemingly endless post-Ergs projects that sprouted from the pop-punk trio's untimely demise. At 22 minutes "long," The Other Side of Darkness runs through a tightly knit 13 tracks of landlocked surf-punk. These guys blend the wave riding guitar lines of the Dead Kennedys (without any of the political pandering) with their Brooklyn, NY background, making it as unique as it is interesting.
(Grave Mistake)
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Dark Surf Punk - Best of 2011 - no doubt - read a full review of this dark, chaotic beauty
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