All Lies

> > Dec 2007

Japandroids - All Lies
By Liz WorthThis duo create bare-bones garage noise that tears itself apart and then somehow finds a way to come back together at the seams again. Although the band’s only comprised of Brian King and David Prowse, they made it a mission to sound as if they’re a five piece, and they can consider it a mission accomplished. Fuzzed out, crazed rambling and dirty guitars run rampant on this EP. At times throbbing and hectic, All Lies might have come out of some so-called post-teenage angst that King and Prowse were holding onto but there’s no sense that this isn’t at all a serious effort, especially when they switch up styles on "Coma Complacency,” a track that floats in a delicate balance with grittily ethereal qualities.
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