I am Gemini

> > Mar 05 2012

Cursive - I am Gemini
By Farah BarakatCursive's latest Saddle Creek release is another concept album, this time involving a pair of estranged twins, Cassius and Pollock (one good, one evil), and their torrid, destructive relationship. The idea of a thematic offering is far from foreign to the Nebraska natives, as previous releases have involved dramatic tales of love, woe and despair. But the thing about Cursive has always been how fantastically well structured their music is. I Am Gemini begins with two of its strongest songs, "Warmer, Warmer" and "The Sun and Moon," both musically reminiscent of Cursive's grandiose Domestica (2001). In fact, I am Gemini is the closest counterpart in complexity to Domestica, which arguably had the least amount of lyrical theatrics and the most musical structures and layering. Bassist Matt Maginn impresses with his articulate start-stops and melodies. In fact, intricate, heavy bass lines give the album its strength. Frontman Tim Kasher's warbly vocals match the off-kilter time signatures and surprise breakdowns scattered throughout. Cursive have delivered a highly stylized album with a vivid conceptual storyline that keeps old fans listening while giving new listeners a chance to experience the progression the band have experienced over the last decade.
(Saddle Creek)
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