December Underground

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AFI - December Underground
By Ariana RockWith their seventh and latest album, AFI have gone leaps and bounds beyond any territory they’ve ever stepped into before, walking out of the entanglements of the past and brushing off the dead branches and leaves of music of their previous catalogue. What does this all mean? It means that although far from their days of Very Proud of Ya or even Black Sails, it has been such a natural progression of movement and change from album to album that whether you are yet to become a fan, or have been one of the faithful among the ranks over the years, you will still be able to grasp where they are coming from and where they are yet to go. Decemberunderground takes the gritty sounds and screams of their beginnings, and mixes it in perfectly with eclectic organs, electro breakdowns and Davey’s signature voice of passion and power. Still identifying with the lost, alone and disillusioned, their lyrical content and artistry truly shines through from track to track, proving that the fire inside is far from becoming a dying ember. This kids, is how it is done.
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