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Acid Tiger

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Acid Tiger - Acid Tiger
By Keith CarmanAn upbeat side-project for Converge drummer Ben Koller, Acid Tiger embrace the more simplistic aspects of punk rock on this eponymous debut. Drawing on the same sinewy grit as dirt rock acts such as Who Rides The Tiger while still a touch more influenced by the boogie-ish sensibilities of Hot Snakes and the complexity of Refused, without so much inherent chaos, the band create an interesting bridge between punk rock'n'roll, experimental progressiveness, soul music's forlorn swagger and an almost groovy brashness missing in music since DFA 1979 disbanded. However, while much of the album is interesting and incredibly well performed, there are more moments of appreciation without sincere adoration than one might expect. In other words, Acid Tiger have the capability of piquing interest, but sustaining it might be a bit more difficult with the "Jack of all trades, master of none" approach they currently adhere to.
(Deathwish Inc.)
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