Club Soda, Montreal, QC, September 21

> > Sep 22 2012

Lunice - Club Soda, Montreal, QC, September 21
Photo: Julie Michaud
By Evan LePageLooking not unlike the Fresh Prince in a denim shirt buttoned high and a cap with the lip flipped up, one of this city's brightest rap exports performed a high-energy DJ set at Pop Montreal.

Lunice slipped electronic music into a stacked list of modern hip-hop tracks, infusing high-bass interludes and transitions into a never-ending relay of top tens. After opening with a synthed-up version of "The Imperial March" as a little tribute to Star Wars, the set list went from Chief Keef to Wiz Khalifa and also gave fellow Canadian Drake some time in the spotlight.

A good set was made great by Lunice's blatant refusal to stay behind his table. He maniacally screamed, paced the stage throwing up signs and vibing to the music. He shook hands and high fived. He made a DJ set a personal, physical experience for the crowd, who thanked him with some noise and movement of their own. He left things buzzing, and that buzz lasted for the rest of the night.

To see Exclaim!'s Pop Montreal photo gallery, head here.

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