Citizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21

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GROUNDERS - Citizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21
By Evan LePageDespite their tough, all-caps band name, Toronto's GROUNDERS seemed right at home playing the Citizen's Vintage clothing store in Montreal's Mile End. Not unlike the good, worn denim and flannel that graced the walls (and the band), the smooth, echoed vocals of Andrew Davis created an ambiance of comfort and warmth.

While the five-piece at times had three members working away at guitars, the digital sounds reigned for much of the set, especially in the echoed "Crown Land" where an organ came out king. The theme-music-worthy "Along the Line," which would fit right in on a Two Door Cinema Club record, put smiles on faces and maybe a few dents in floor where feet matched the beat of drummer Rob Canali's tambourine. GROUNDERS interacted and joked more with one another than with the audience, but as a result it felt as if everyone was getting a secret look at a basement jam session. Simple, laid back and fun.

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