Citizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21

> > Sep 22 2012

Cousins - Citizen Vintage, Montreal, QC, September 21
By Evan LePageOn the heels of fellow Canadians Japandroids, Cousins's two-man act offered far more presence than two people in a clothing store should offer. With vocals alternating between beautifully pure and strikingly raw, the Halifax natives took the rage out of garage rock and replaced it with blissful indifference.

While most songs revolved around power chords and the cymbal-short drum beats didn't shock the room, the combination of both, in weirdly timed patterns and paired with impressively sung hooks, really did leave a mark on the room. Three-minute songs fed into three-minute songs until you were bobbing your head out onto the sidewalk, with a new LP to download when you arrived home. The motto of the afternoon show was short, sweet, repeat, and Cousins worked wonders getting everyone in the mood for a long music-filled night.

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