Cadence Weapon

Club Soda, Montreal, QC, September 21

> > Sep 22 2012

Cadence Weapon - Club Soda, Montreal, QC, September 21
Photo: Julie Michaud
By Evan LePageA victim of his start time, Cadence Weapon put together a great DJ set that was only missing enough ears to appreciate it. When the lights dimmed at 9 p.m., the Edmonton native took to the task, spinning enough tracks to light up the faces and moods of most hip-hop aficionados. Unfortunately only a few dozen lined the peripheries of an all-too-large Club Soda for their reactions to make an impact on the mood. Singles from Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, Kanye and Ludacris had people lip-syncing instead of singing along. It was reminiscent of a high school dance, friends in cliques and little interaction between them.

To his credit, Weapon made the best of a bad situation. He was having a good time doing what he loved behind the table. His constant smile and arm waving brought some humour to an awkward situation. And by the time the set came to a close, enough people had filed into the venue for Weapon to receive a well-deserved, and audible, round of applause.

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