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Tiger Talk

> > Mar 25 2012

Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk
By Farah BarakatThere has been much buzz around Vancouver, BC's Yukon Blonde and their sophomore LP. Since the release of their Polaris-nominated, self-titled debut, the quartet have been busy releasing EPs and embarking upon lengthy supporting tours. Now they are doing it all over again in support of Tiger Talk. The band said that the record began with some punk-inspired demos that evolved into an album that was "a lot faster," with "a lot more harmonies." Tiger Talk follows a consistent, fast-paced tempo that brings to mind classic punk and post-punk influences (the Clash, Japandroids). Speedy, tight drumming accompanies the jangly, retro-inspired harmonies, which don't stray too far from Yukon Blonde's distinct sound. "For LA" is pop-heavy, with charming harmonies and a lilting, lazy guitar. "Guns," a haunting ballad, is the strongest number on the album lyrically and structurally, providing a break from the quick, constant rhythms throughout. Tiger Talk's drawback is its lengthy songs, but I can think of worse things than catchy harmonies that go on for slightly too long. This album demonstrates that Yukon Blonde can transition and adapt to a change in sound efficiently and damn well.
(Dine Alone)
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