The Young

Dub Egg

> > Jun 12 2012

The Young - Dub Egg
By Cam LindsayGoogle "the Young" and you'll get countless results unrelated to the Austin, TX band. So for their second full-length, they wittily conceived the unique title of Dub Egg, based on a dream their guitarist had about "the master tapes, an improvised King Tubby technique and a soft-boiled egg." Don't let the namesake fool you though ― Dub Egg is an album for guitar heads. Between Hans Zimmerman (who sings) and Kyle Edwards, there's hardly a second where their guitars aren't front and centre. The sun-glinting riffs of "Livin' Free," the rusted, Crazy Horse distortion on "Don't Hussle for Love" and the Bolan-esque heroics on "Plunging the Rollers" alone provide enough reasons to love this album. But they've also grown from the sloppier, vehement rush of their debut, 2010's Voyagers of Legend. The Texans fill the songs with all sorts of psychedelic flourishes (i.e., "The Mirage"), coming across as a more cohesive unit as they kick back, rock out and let the good times roll.
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