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Working for a Nuclear Free City - Businessmen & Ghosts
By Chris WhibbsThis Manchester, UK band kicked up a fair amount of hype with their self-titled debut and follow-up EP, Rocket. Both showcased an inventive spark of brash electronics, pounding beats and, when the mood struck, some gossamer folktronica. It was a menu for attention and, finally, North America will be able to hear this utterly exciting band properly. Essentially, this collection is their debut and EP, as well as some new tracks, all mixed in and thrown onto two CDs. With this much to digest, you’d think one would get tired after a while but, holy crap, no way. The one-two punch of "The Tape” and "Asleep At The Wheel” boggles the mind with cascading guitars, nervy hi-hat hits and sheer electricity. On the lighter side, "Je Suis Le Vent” and "The Tree” find the band just as comfortable on the ambient side of things. But, sometimes, it takes one song to blow a mind and here it’s the epic "England Part 2,” which puts the band’s love of Beta Band-styled beats, indie rock and haunting vocals into a perfectly pitched kitchen sink. Sure, this may be long but it sure as hell isn’t boring.
(Deaf, Dumb + Blind)
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