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> > Oct 24 2012

Talk Normal - Sunshine
By Jazz MonroeIt's not surprising that Talk Normal, esteemed purveyors of low-rent post-punk, have previously released a split seven-inch with Thurston Moore. But we shouldn't carry the subsequent weight of expectation into their sophomore LP. However, Sunshine is a thing of rusting rawness that hits as hard as the Sonic Youth man at his melody violating bluntest. Here, the Brooklyn, NY duo thrash out tunes of a frequently impressive military groove: the alert guitars of "Baby Your Hearts Too Big" soar like armoured eagles into a sonic warzone, while the clipped, quasi-melodies of "Bad Date" erect their pink flag in the no man's land between No Age and latter-day Scott Walker. The record, which at 43 minutes never quite overstays its welcome, serves to remind us that Brooklyn earned its indie stripes not as a whoring pad for bands named after cloud formations, but a magnet for single-minded folks who recognize art and music as interchangeable terms. This is a violent force of targeted creativity.
(Joyful Noise)
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