Sun Airway

Soft Fall

> > Oct 02 2012

Sun Airway - Soft Fall
By Eric HillCombining the pop hookiness of DNTEL with the cinematic sweep of M83, Philadelphia, PA's Sun Airway have opened the door to let autumn's cool air come blasting in with their second full-length. Jon Barthmus writes the kind of love songs that used to dominate the fey '80s: pursuit, catch and release — love comes then goes wrong. But it's the music that's the draw, with its anthemic major chords given depth and texture by micro-shards of harmony breaking the surfaces. And catchy? Standout "Wild Palms" could be a Carly Rae Jeppsen remix in the very best of all possible worlds. If you feel like putting on a woolly scarf and running through a frost-dusted field of high grass at sunrise, this is your soundtrack.
(Dead Oceans)
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