Summer Hours

Closer, Still

> > Feb 05 2013

Summer Hours - Closer, Still
By Farah BarakatFollowing 15 years of music making, indie-rock sweethearts Summer Hours release their final hurrah, Closer, Still, an album of deliriously sweet songs about love and heartbreak. The dream-like, soft quality of the album projects an unshakeable sense of nostalgia, while the group maintain an upbeat tempo throughout. Vocalist/bassist Rachel Dannefer's soft, high-pitched voice exhibits the utmost essence of grace; her wide vocal range works with the melody rather than against it (or over it), establishing the foundation of Closer, Still. First single '"Close and Closer" is a groove-focused track with math-rock start-stop elements that work perfectly against Dannefer's meandering voice. Producer Richard Upchurch pushed the band to record the album live, in order to capture their warm, energetic feel. As a result, each song sounds exactly as it's meant to be heard: live, with no one part overshadowing another. Closer, Still boasts an incredible sense of craftsmanship, allowing Summer Hours to exit on a high note.
(Deep Elm)
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