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> > Nov 08 2013

Sebastien Grainger - Yours To Discover
By Joshua KlokeAs previously mentioned, Death From Above 1979 co-founder Sebastien Grainger and his wife recently left Toronto, taking up residence in Los Angeles.

Yours To Discover, his second solo LP, finds Grainger embracing his new locale with casual grace, drenching the album in a comfortable hypnotic haze that is less furious than any of his previous work.

Yours To Discover progresses well, shifting from one benevolent, electronically-influenced pop ditty to the next, only stumbling on the late night, overtly groovy tracks such as "Let's Move To NYC" and "I Want Sebastien Grainger," which feel limited in scope and don't gel with the endless opportunities that abound on the record.

Grainger offers a transparent glimpse into his headspace, as he makes evident the vulnerability and confusion that come along with stepping out on one's own. "How many times have I gone missing/looking for a girl in a world of women/I'll tell it to you, man/I'm looking for a hand," illustrates the confessional nature of "I'm Looking For A Hand," on which finds Grainger infuses more of the spacey Los Angeles vibes than any other track.

Of course, it wouldn't be a Sebastien Grainger release without a few synth-laden hooks, and some are more effective than others. "The Streets Are Still A Mess" is a precise clap-along, while "Second Of Love" misses the mark as it tries to initiate a paltry sing-along. Still, as a whole, Yours To Discover lives up to its name; it's an opportunity for fans to hear a different side of Sebastien Grainger, one more relaxed than frantic, more interested in forging a new path than rehashing old memories.
(Last Gang)
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