Saturday Looks Good To Me

One Kiss Ends It All

> > May 17 2013

Saturday Looks Good To Me - One Kiss Ends It All
By Michael EdwardsDespite not being the most prolific band lately, Saturday Looks Good To Me are still as reliable as ever. They've never wandered too far from the lo-fi indie pop template they first appeared on the scene with, and that hasn't changed with their fifth album, One Kiss Ends It All. What has changed, however, is the line-up. Fred Thomas, the ringleader of the band, is still here, as are a few other old friends, but he's joined by two new vocalists (Carol Catherine and Amber Fellows), although it doesn't make much difference to how the group sound. One Kiss Ends It All is the usual mix of upbeat and melancholy pop, which has that "impossible to date accurately" sound they do so well. Thomas is still a little too fond of playing around with distortion on the vocals though, almost like a call-back to his really lo-fi days, and it sounds more out of place than ever. He needs to cut it out. Nevertheless, this is a welcome return for a band that never disappoint, even if they rarely innovate.

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