Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please

> > Apr 2006

Quinzy - Please Baby Please Baby Baby Baby Please
By Rob BoltonTo put it simply, this three-piece from Winnipeg play indie rock with balls. Their debut album is loaded with catchy guitar hooks and dense three-way vocal harmonies. Nicely produced but not overly so, the songs can squeeze out a lot of sound from just three guys. Occasional samples and effects are barely present, and they wisely let the anthemic guitars and power pop melodies stand out most. Riding right on the line between both American and British indie rock sounds, Quinzy find themselves with that distinctly Canadian approach to music that manages to incorporate the best of both worlds. They keep a pretty decent intensity level throughout the album without becoming tiresome or too repetitive. They do drop the tempo a little on "Hospital Bed” and "1,000,000th” shows their playful side, however it’s the big rock tracks where these lads shine.
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