Everyone Is As Terrified As You Are

> > Dec 2005

Pillar - Everyone Is As Terrified As You Are
By Neil HavertyThe initial moments of Pillar's debut were quick to grab my attention. A perfectly timed airy swell gives way to an urgent full-band assault, setting hopes high for Everyone Is As Terrified As You Are. The trouble with such a strong leadoff track, though, is that it's next to impossible to keep the momentum up for the remainder of the disk, and Pillar struggle through more aggressive territory and never quite get back to the quality of "Matter Of Time." Vocalist Jonah Krieser's yells are inspired and highly developed, but his true skill is found in his toned-down singing voice. Though his lyrics leave a little to be desired, Pillar could be a force to be reckoned with if only Krieser stuck to what he knows best. Most of these songs are worth a few listens, but Everyone... suffers from its strongest track letting us in on what could have been.
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