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Pearlfishers - Up With The Larks
By Michael EdwardsRegarded as one of Scotland’s best-kept musical secrets for the last decade and a half, the Pearlfishers are back with another classy record that hopefully won’t go unnoticed. The band have one constant: David Scott, who has been joined over the years by members of many other Scottish bands (including Teenage Fanclub and the BMX Bandits) to help make glorious pop music that hints at the Beach Boys, Big Star and even Paul McCartney. Up With The Larks feels like business as usual for the Pearlfishers; they don’t really change their sound dramatically with each release because they don’t have to. Scott is very good at making pop songs and there’s no sense in reinventing the wheel. With tales of touring Japan and romantic ballads, there’s a lot to like here. This time around, his songs sound lusher and that’s a bit of a mixed blessing because it brings him closer than ever to AOR territory. Still, this is a very accomplished collection that will melt even the most hardened heart.
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