Of Montreal

Daughter of Cloud

> > Oct 29 2012

Of Montreal - Daughter of Cloud
By Natasha YoungOf Montreal can be depended upon for two things: Kevin Barnes' inimitable songwriting style and a prolific rate of new material. Putting out a new album almost every year since 1997, the product could only ever become increasingly boring or bizarre, and this new compilation of rarities emphasizes that Barnes sided with the latter. Many of the tracks, all recorded since 2007, echo the questionable cacophonic splurges of 2008's Skeletal Lamping through to this year's lacklustre Paralytic Stalks. But there are some respites, like "Noir Blues to Tinnitus," which bring back a hint of the eurythmic, thoughtful and certainly more accessible sound of Barnes's earlier material. While some of the songs won't come easily even to long-time fans, it can at least be said that Barnes always has something up his sleeve.
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I actually didn't like Of Montreal until Paralytic Stalks. Accessibility isn't the key to the heart of all listeners.
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