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Musk Ox - Musk Ox
By Chris WhibbsIf the classic archetype (i.e., Guitar Hero) is to be believed, then being young and musically inclined means picking up that wicked axe and shredding out some massive solos. Well, some youth are eschewing such ideas and heading for the quiet, idiosyncratic acoustic route. Joining the ranks of James Blackshaw and Sleeping States is Ottawa native Nathanel Larochette, who dropped his textbooks and instead picked up a nylon string guitar. The result? Unique and enchanting music that utterly captivates in its disguised simplicity. Opener "Un Jardin Au Bout Du Monde” reminds of the innate beauty of Blackshaw, while allowing Larochette to layer some "ahhhhs” at the right moment, adding appropriate weight. The equally epic "Entre La Terre et Le Ciel” also showcases the broad instrumental range that Larochette works from, since he is also at home amongst pianos and melodicas. Yet it’s his lovely mastery of chants and simple melodies that keep the listener’s attention throughout his musically diaphanous fairy tales. Although only four (long) songs, there is enough detail and intricate cogs to keep those headphones on for days on end. Languid, beautiful and charming, this is definitely a Canadian talent to remember.
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