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> > Jan 29 2013

Mice Parade - Candela
By Eric HillSince its translation from solo project to band effort, Adam Pierce's Mice Parade have been a vibrant home filled to overflowing with ideas and styles both musically and culturally adventurous. Candela is no exception, but it falls prey to its appetite for reconstruction, at times. Certain pieces, "Gente Interesante" in particular, are so restless that there isn't time enough to appreciate things like Doug Scharin's moody dub intro before we're suddenly thrust into a woozy samba filled with horns and piano. It's a case of too many hooks spoiling the breath of the song. On the flipside, some of the best tracks Pierce has ever written can be found here. "Pretending" reconciles Do Make Say Think and My Bloody Valentine with its heart attack of double drummer mayhem and a nearly melting projectile of electric and acoustic guitar riding just ahead of the shockwave. "Warm Hand in Narnia" updates every quiet/loud post-shoegaze cliché, closing out the album with the type of anthem you know is manipulating you, but in the most welcome way. Though things work best when Pierce allows enough space amidst the music for the actual songs to flourish, even the jostling of the overcrowded bits is wonderful and energetic.
(Fat Cat)
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