Magneta Lane

The Constant Lover

> > Nov 2004

Magneta Lane - The Constant Lover
By Andrew SteenbergMagneta Lane is an all-girl band that writes songs about girls. In an ideal world these things wouldn’t matter. Sadly, we’re not their yet. What really does matter, though, is that the songs are good thanks to front-woman Lexi Valentine droning like a more vulpine Chrissie Hynde over what, in 2004, can be assuredly termed "Strokes-inspired” rhythms. Although commendably accomplished for a first recording, the six-song disc (produced by the Uncut’s Jon Drew) isn’t without its shortcomings: "Medusa” isn’t sure what it wants to be, whether it wants to rock or simply sway. But one track later the sinister "Mare of the Night” finds the girls in their element; sounding like Nancy Sinatra in the back of an ambulance assuaging her boyfriend who, inexplicably, has a stiletto stuck in his eyeball.
(Paper Bag)
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