Electric Cables

> > Apr 18 2012

Lightships - Electric Cables
By Michael EdwardsIt would be unreasonable to assume that after spending more than two decades as part of Teenage Fanclub, Gerald Love's debut as Lightships was going to be anything but a collection of melodic guitar pop. On that front, he delivers. What is a bit more unexpected is that Love has made an album as good as any he's been involved with for a long, long time. Electric Cables is everything it should be and more. It is beautifully recorded, with laidback warmth permeating each and every song; it's hard not to smile as the ten songs drift by. He's joined by members of the Pastels, Belle and Sebastian and, naturally, Teenage Fanclub, but they are simply there in a supporting capacity ― this is very much Love's record. The guitars shimmer, as do the layers of vocal harmonies, and the songs creep up with a gentleness that is refreshingly subtle. This is a lovely record with enough autumnal tones to ensure that you'll still be listening to it in six months' time.
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