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Jackson Scott - Melbourne
By Duncan BoydStudent life didn't quite work out for Jackson Scott when he left his native Pittsburgh, PA to attend college in Asheville, North Carolina. Though Scott has all but given up on his studies, the scenic atmosphere of the college town has apparently provided him with all the creative inspiration he needed to fully realize his musical ambitions. On Melbourne, Scott offers bedroom rock and roll music that, upon an initial listen immediately brings to mind the likes of Bradford Cox's Atlas Sound project. Yet, unlike Cox, Scott combines the cozy bedroom aesthetic with more fuzzy guitar melodies reminiscent of Built To Spill and early Weezer. Slow burning number "Together Forever" for example showcases Scott's evident background in early '90s rock music, as his soft vocals are contrasted with a crescendo of noisy guitars. The cozy impressions brought to mind both by Scott's music and the image of him at work in his Asheville refuge are also set against some relatively dark themes. Leadoff single "Sandy" sounds innocent enough at first with its bright chord progression and childish vocals: "Little kids walking all around, wishing we were sound asleep again… didn't have a choice this time I guess." Its only after learning that the song is actually about the Sandy Hook massacre that the songs cheerful feeling takes a very dark turn. Scott can evidently find inspiration in some unsuspecting places. He is perhaps right at home in Asheville, burrowed within the Blue Ridge Mountains where the people are "into being weird and not really giving a fuck about anyone else being weird."
(Fat Possum)
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